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Volunteer, Internship, & Summer Programs

Why Is It Important To Get Involved?

Just having a good degree is no longer enough to secure that all-important graduate job offer in today’s world. Work experience is now just as valuable as your degree and exam results when it comes to building a successful career. As a result, volunteer work, internships, and summer programs have become an essential way to help candidates make themselves stand out. 

Benefits Include:

  • A chance to apply your theoretical knowledge in the real world
  • You'll be able to expand on your transferrable skills
  • An opportunity to develop professional connections
  • Make new friends
  • Boost your resume
  • Direct job offers are more likely
  • Possible better job stability in the end
  • With this experience you may have higher salary potential
  • Refine career goals
  • Build confidence

Where Do I Find Opportunities? 

  • Click here to view the most updated list of volunteer work, internships, and summer programs.