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Welcome, Patriots, to our Scholarships page! Here you will find local, state, and national scholarships to help you pay for college. We understand that searching and applying for scholarships can be a daunting experience.  Therefore, we are providing you with resources and guides to help you through this process. Remember you can also come to the College Center located in the Blue & Gold Center to speak with Ms. Lopez  OR Ms. Quiñonez for further assistance.

10 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships:
  1. The cost of tuition and housing is expensive and your financial resources are limited.
  2. You have studied many long hours to get great grades.
  3. Scholarships are investments in assisting you to pay for your educational expenses.
  4. Not all scholarships are based on need, some are based on academic or personal achievements.
  5. Scholarships are a great way to pay for school - it is funding that you don't have to pay back!
  6. You are unique in all that you do and it is about time that you tell someone else about it, why not in a scholarship application personal essay? 
  7. Asking for letters of recommendation gives you a chance to connect with your professors.
  8. There are many scholarships that were established for students with your interests and talents.
  9. Writing an essay about yourself may not be an easy task, but is good practice for writing cover letters, resumes, and personal statements.
  10. The number one reason to apply for a scholarships is you might get one!

Birmingham Scholarship List:


Scholarships for Undocumented students: 

*As with all information found online, please be cautious about where you send personal information.  The sites listed above are generally reliable, providing legitimate information, but not always.  If it sounds too easy, it is probably not legitimate. 

Support Your Fellow Students

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