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Grade Level Academies

Grade Level Academies (GLA) have been implemented to help a large school feel smaller and provide high quality systemic support for students, parents, and staff. 

Each GLA has been staffed with three outstanding academic counselors, an out of the class coordinator, a mental health social worker, a positive behavior interventionist (Dean), a clerk, and a supervising administrator. 

This dynamic "8-Team" at every grade level, collaborates to implement a multi-tiered system of support to monitor student growth, reward achievement and progress, and intervene when student achievement has stalled, and support needed. 

There is no comparable comprehensive support system available at any other local school: public, private, district, or charter. 

9th Grade Academy

The 9th Grade Academy seeks to create a warm and welcoming, safe and supportive environment for our newest Birmingham students, their families, and their teachers.  We participate in weekly community-building activities within our Academy Period classes, and we hold a multitude of events throughout the school year to allow students to engage in a social setting. Our team of highly qualified staff members --  teachers, counselors, psychiatric social worker, dean, grade level coordinator, and administrator -- work together to support our students both academically and emotionally.  

Prior to the beginning of Fall semester, 9th grade students participate in our Summer Orientation and Bridge Program, designed to help facilitate a seamless transition to high school.  Students are given the opportunity to form connections with their peers as well as with 11th and 12th grade mentor students, while learning about our campus and being introduced to the various support systems available to them at Birmingham. 


10th Grade Academy

The 10th grade year is the year when most students start to integrate more into the BCCHS community and become excited to get involved in ALL the awesome extracurricular programs, sports, and events we have to offer. Most students come to the realization that it’s time to get more serious about their academics during sophomore year and refer to it as the "let’s-get-serious" year. The 10th Grade Level Academy is filled with compassionate support personnel, including teachers, counselors, and additional staff who work directly with our 10th graders as a a strong unified team to better support ALL our students. We are very excited to offer the 10th Grade Academy period to ALL our 10th grade students, during which they participate in community-building activities and skill-building every Wednesday. 


11th Grade Academy

As an important transition year, the 11th grade GLA works to prepare students for their senior year and beyond.  This year students are participating in an Academy Period every Wednesday where they have been placed with one of their teachers or counselors to foster community, mindfulness, and build their skills for the future academic success.


12th Grade Academy

Senior Year is the highlight of everyone’s high school career. Students look forward to it as soon as they begin high school as a freshman. Senior year can be fun, exciting, and sometimes a scary time for everyone, but it’s important to remind oneself to enjoy the ride with friends considering that after high school, your journeys may guide each of you in various directions.

Senior year is a memorable and enjoyable experience….Therefore, appreciate all that your final year of high school career brings you!