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Application Process

It is important to determine whether a student’s home address falls within the BCCHS attendance boundary.   

Students who reside in our attendance boundary are considered RESIDENT (HOME SCHOOL) students. Students who reside outside our attendance boundary are NON-RESIDENT (LOTTERY) students and must follow the lottery process for admission. To determine if your student is a RESIDENT student:  

  • Click on the link below (check to see if you are a resident student). 
  • Enter your home address and click on the small RED (•) dot on your home to create a “pin” on the map  
  • If your address lies within the purple shaded region, you are considered a RESIDENT student. If not, you are a LOTTERY student.  

Check to see if you are a Resident Student

If you are a RESIDENT student, please do not submit a lottery application.  Students residing OUTSIDE our attendance boundary MUST submit  a lottery application. Click on the Non-Resident (Lottery) TAB below to learn more about the Lottery Application process and enrollement information. 

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Current School Year

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (818) 758-5216 or (818) 758-5292. You can also email us at