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Birmingham Community Charter High School

Career Technical Education Pathway Program


BCCHS has developed cohesive, complete pathways that prepare students for post-secondary education for a job in their field of interest. We focus on high interest, high demand, high-wage fields, so that our students are not only prepared for college through our college preparatory core courses, but a career as well.


Pathway and Course Listings


Design, Visual & Media Arts (Animation)                                                 

       *Course 1: Drawing                                                                                                    

       *Course 2: Animation 1                                                                                              

        Course 3: Animation 2                                                                                              


Design, Visual & Media Arts (Graphic Design)

      *Course 1: Drawing

      *Course 2: Design

      *Course 3: Advanced Graphic Design


Production & Managerial Arts (Filmmaking)                                                

      Course 1: Filmmaking 1                                                                                            

     *Course 2: Filmmaking 2                                                                                          


 Production & Managerial Arts (Technical Theater)                                                      

      Course 1: Intro to Theater & Stage  Technology

      Course 2: Advanced Theater & Stage Technology   


Food Service and Hospitality (Culinary)                            

     Course 1: Intro to Culinary Arts                                                                                                           

    *Course 2: Advanced Culinary Arts                                         


Software & Systems Development 

      *Course 1: Computer Science          

     Course 2: AP Computer Science Principles                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  Patient Care 

     Course 1: Pre Medical Science 1 

     Course 2: Pre Medical Science 2


Business Management                                         

   Course 1: Intro to Business and Finance                   

   Course 2: International Business                             


Engineering Technology 

     *Course 1: Intro to Engineering

    *Course 2: Elementary Engineering Graphics

    *Course 3: Applied Engineering Graphics  



       *courses articulated with a community college