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Principal's Message


Dear Birmingham Family,


I'm thrilled to have been selected to serve as principal. Birmingham has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My aunt, sister, brother, and I are all proud alumni of this great institution. My uncle was also an accomplished teacher and coach.


As a former English language development teacher, I started my career in education as a fierce student advocate committed to knocking down obstacles and ensuring my students had access to all programs and opportunities. As I learned and grew as an educator serving in a multitude of roles over the last 20 years such as teacher, department chair, coordinator, assistant principal, principal, and principal supervisor, my passion has only increased and my advocacy extended to all students. 


I believe in the unlimited potential of our youth and know that I'm joining a staff that shares this mindset. As an Independent Charter School, the administrators, teachers, counselors, and support staff of Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) know that we have a opportunity and responsibility to tailor our support to the unique needs of our students. Most schools, including district affiliated charter schools, are forced into the lowest common denominator approach that is so often employed at schools beholden to a school district.


I can assure you that my approach will be focused and transparent. I will continue to support our strengths whether it is to leverage the recent four point increase in mathematics proficiency on the Smarter Balanced Assessment or to applaud the success of our championship athletic teams. Success at Birmingham is evident in our students’ achievements, whether it is our star baseball player earning a scholarship to the University of Washington or the many students that graduated having already completed the equivalent of two years of general education college courses.


When I met with student leaders last June, I was struck by their love of BCCHS and how they all called out that Birmingham is a school that promotes the well-rounded development of students.  Birmingham staff works hard to get students involved regardless of whether they choose to participate in athletics, leadership, student council, or in one of the over 30 clubs. Academic, athletic, and social development are all pillars of what it is to be a Birmingham student. 


I couldn't be more excited to participate in the continued upward trajectory of one of the best schools in the San Fernando Valley. I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you in what I'm sure will be an outstanding 2019-2020 school year. 




Ari Bennett

BCCHS Principal