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Principal's Message

Tracie Bowdoin  - CEO/PrincipalWelcome to the Birmingham Community Charter High School!  We are an independent conversion charter high school located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.  As a Charter School we pride ourselves on having increased autonomy and governance.  This allows our students and staff to perform at very high levels.  Subsequently our stakeholders become more actively involved in the decision making for the total operation of our school and all of our programs.

We are pleased to announce some of our most recent accomplishments as follows:

  •  BCCHS had  a 97% Graduation rate for all Seniors and 95% total attendance in the 2017-2018 school year!
  • BCCHS has one of the lowest student suspension rates in California (nor have we had any Expulsion cases the last four years!) we pride ourselves on a low student to teacher/counselor/support personnel/administrator ratio that insures personalization and intervention as a priority to make all students successful. 
  • BCCHS offers a full time College and Career  Center in addition to providing yearly college or career visitation opportunities to interested students. 
  • BCCHS has one of the highest passage rates for the California High School Exit Exam and in 2017-2018 showed tremendous growth in student mastery on mandated assessments in English, Math, and our English Learner reclassification requirements. 
  • BCCHS has a strong Parent-Teacher-Student-Association (PTSA) on campus who are actively involved in a collaborative school culture. 
  • BCCHS has unique school committee structure insuring a collaborative and shared governance of our school.  
  • BCCHS has an enrollment that has increased to 3,300 students currently within the coming 2017-2018 school year (and we yearly have a waiting list of interested students and families). 
  • BCCHS has been voted the "Best Charter School" by the Daily News community survey the past five consecutive years!
  • BCCHS has a strong School of Advanced Studies (SAS) which offers multiple dual credit College Courses for our most advanced students who seek rigorous academic challenges in grades 9-12.  
  • BCCHS has Credit Recovery and Enrichment opportunities offered for any interested student before, during, and after school. 
  • BCCHS has our own Birmingham Opportunity Center for "at risk" students to insure alternative education interventions are provided for those who qualify.
  • BCCHS has an active After School Grant Program that provides multiple opportunities and snacks for any interested student after our normal school hours.  
  • BCCHS provides Parent Education opportunities.
  • BCCHS has free Tutoring offered to students after school from our Teachers. 
  • BCCHS holds both a Summer School Program and a Freshman Bridge Program. 
  • BCCHS offers an A-B Block schedule with students taking eight classes (4 per day). This provides multiple opportunities for students to reach their college and career goals.
  • BCCHS has numerous opportunities in extra-curricular activities (Sports, Music, Arts, and Clubs.) In fact our Sports Program is the largest in the Valley!
  • BCCHS has a strong International Student Program with exchange students from 9 countries each year sharing their cultures, obtaining an education, but enriching the lives of all stakeholders with first hand global understanding. 
  • BCCHS has invested over $8,000,000.00 in new Technology Tools, Culinary Arts, a Medical Lab, and numerous electives to prepare our students for college or career opportunities in their futures.

As you can see, our secret is getting out and the above achievements are resulting in our increased enrollment.  Parents and interested students, I caution you that we once more will be implementing an ENROLLMENT LOTTERY this coming year due to the increased popularity of the school.  It is imperative that in mid-January and early February those families who are interested in enrolling new students at BCCHS for the 2019-2020 school year must contact the school to receive the paperwork needed to become eligible for the lottery process. 

Patriot Pride is being a part of our growing and successful family!  We hope to see you soon.  Anyone may visit our beautiful campus and/or visit our programs in person by simply arranging an appointment!

Respectfully yours,


Tracie Bowdoin