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Work Permit Info


“I just got a job and I’m under 18 years old, how do I get a work permit?”


                                    HOW TO GET A WORK PERMIT


STEP 1: Student must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA (All grades of C or

                   higher) to qualify for work permit.


STEP 2: Download B1-1 Application for work permit.

*Click B1-1 Application link and download and print out or pick up a printed copy

                     from school security at the gate


STEP 3: Fill out the application and have your parent and employer sign it.

*No digital signatures/scanning


STEP 4: Return the B1-1Application filled out and signed back to school.  

                    Drop-in, no appointment necessary.


                               To:               Ms. Suzie Orosel

                               Where:        BCCHS Library

                               When:         Tuesday or Thursday

                               Time:           Between 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM


STEP 5: Ms. Suzie Orosel will print your work permit.

*Student must be present to sign the work permit



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