Our highly experienced and qualified school counselors provide academic and personal guidance for all Birmingham students. Counselors are housed within each Academy and provide individualized attention to each student.  The counselors help students choose classes to meet their individual needs and discuss student’s progress towards meeting both graduation and post-secondary goals. 

The mission of the Birmingham Community Charter High School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive program that maximizes student potential.  The goal of the BCCHS counselors is to address academic, personal/social, and career development of all BCCHS students. The counselors provide a safe and supportive environment for students while encouraging students to become: critical thinkers, effective problem solvers, responsible decision makers, lifelong learners, and productive members of society. 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay in close communication with the counselors to ensure that their child is on task to graduate in a timely manner. Please see the contact information for your students Academy counselor to schedule an on-campus appointment.

BCCHS Counseling Services

The BCCHS Counseling department will achieve its mission by providing the following services:

  •  counseling, consultation and coordination
  • individual and/or group counseling
  • parent meetings
  • crisis intervention
  • academic counseling
  • career exploration counseling
  • college counseling
  • life development/mental health counseling
  • referrals to community agencies
  • dropout prevention/alternative education counseling
  • attendance counseling
  • conflict resolution
  • facilitation of SST’s, 504’s and IEP meetings
  • collaboration with students, parent, teachers, deans, and administrators
  • middle school transitioning
  • middle school, college, and adult education articulation
  • academic interventions (varies by SLC)
  • individualized graduation plan and ongoing check-ups
  • coordinate schoolwide events related to social-emotional well being of all students


BCCHS Counseling Staff

Sami Brown                      Sophomore Academy Counselor (A-L)- Class of 2021

Cynthia Cifuentes             College Advisor

Cindy Fuentes                   Freshman Academy Counselor (M-Z)- Class of 2022

Lisa Gazarian                    Senior Academy Counselor (Digital Media)- Class of 2019

Sandra Harwin                   Junior Academy Counselor (A-L)- Class of 2020

Judith Hinojosa-Riusech    Freshman Academy Counselor (A-L)- Class of 2022

Christopher Savage           Junior Academy Counselor (M-Z)- Class of 2020

Rochelle Kronstadt            College Counselor

Erika Lopez                        College Counselor

Amy Mowry                        Senior Academy Counselor (MASH)- Class of 2019

Ana Palacios                      Sophomore Academy Counselor (M-Z)- Class of 2021

Stephanie Scherrer            Senior Academy Counselor (CAL)- Class of 2019

Angela Zook                       Career Counselor