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The roads to State and Nationals are long, arduous and costly. Busing, tournament entry fees, equipment, uniforms, and officials are just some of the expenses that we incur throughout the season. To mitigate those costs, we task our Club Officers (typically Team Captains and Members At-Large) with the job of weighing our options for fundraising and how to use our revenue to further the Club's overarching goals.
Here are the highlights of our fundraisers for the 2015-2016 season:
  1. Ironman: largely dependent on donations and wrestlers' "hustle", the Ironman doubles as a fundraiser and a personal fitness goal setter for our wrestlers. 
  2. BOGO cards: buy a BOGO card for special deals through SFV (shout out to Roque "Rocky" Roman for selling 10)
  3. Birmingham Tournaments: Our tournaments are developing into consistent revenue-makers for us overall. With the help of our Birmingham Community (Team moms/dads, brothers/sisters), we will continue to grow their financial successes. 
    1. Thanksgiving Duels
    2. Black Water Classic
    3. Battle of Birmingham
  4. Apparel: We are starting the tradition of selling Championship Apparel to the Community! We'll update on our 2016 City Championship Shirts soon!