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Class of 2022 Events

11th grade Families,

Congratulations on all the hard work you have put forth this semester. We are SO PROUD of the work you have done over the last months, and it shows how many of you are passing your classes!!! There are only a few weeks until school is over for the semester, do everything you can to get those final grades up!

Over the last few weeks, Ms. Hinojosa and Ms. Fuentes have been meeting with you individually to review your transcript and plan moving forward. There are so many of you who have bright futures ahead! As a reminder, there are study skills workshops starting for those of you who need some extra guidance. A copy of the flyer is included. See you there! 

Important Things to Remember:

  1. The semester is ending soon. Please do everything you can to get those final grades up!
  2. Continue your college search. There are many websites, but this is one you can use: https://collegematch.prephero.com/
  3. Don't forget about community college classes! You can sometimes get high school and college credit at the same time. Pierce, LAVC and Mission are offering online classes in the spring. You must be maintaining above a 2.5 GPA to enroll in college classes. Contact Mrs. Zook for more information at a.zook@tch.birminghamcharter.com . Courses are free.

Courses include:

* Broadcasting 1

* Psychology 41

* Child Development 11

* Basic Medical Terminology

* Allied Health 100

As we move into this very usual holiday season, be sure to take time with your families and appreciate what you do have. This year has been hard for everyone and sometimes it can be hard. We are also attaching a Happiness Calendar from the Greater Good Science Center. Consider looking at this every day during November and taking a moment to value and appreciate what you do have in your life.