Birmingham Community Charter High School's Board Members

Aguirre, Rose- Certificated Board Member:                            

Alexander, Robert -  Community Board Member

Benjamin, Marla - Community Board Member

Bennett, Michael - Community Board Member/President

Halic, Nick- Certificated Board Member                                         

Isiko, Bernard- Classified Board Member

Lagos, Vicky- Parent Board Member                                  

Lasiter, Doris - Community Board Member 

Liera, Irais-  Student Board Member (Non-Voting Member)                              

Marks, Robert- Community Board Member 

Pizano, Antonio - Community Board Member 

Rybin, Marsha - Community Board Member

Wettles, Karin-  Certificated Board Member 

White, John-  Community Board Member                                                     

Witherow, Virginia - Community  Board Member 

Wratten, Jonathan-  Certificated Board Member  


 If you need to contact a board member, please click on the staff section.