Student Recognitions » Semester 2 Progress Report 1: Student Academic Achievement and Improvement Lists

Semester 2 Progress Report 1: Student Academic Achievement and Improvement Lists

Dear Birmingham Students and Parents,

I'm excited to share our updated lists of students who stand out for their academic achievement or improvement. Improvement was calculated based on a comparison of the student's Semester 1 Final Report Card and Semester 2 First Progress Report Card (issued two weeks ago).

We are passionate about incorporating significant improvement into our recognition lists because recognizing growth is an important part of the culture we are trying to build. Growth Mindset is one of our BCCHS values that we want to emphasize to all stakeholders.

We'd like every student to understand excellence is just one part of what we're looking for in developing well-rounded students. We are also encouraging the process of growth and development. Not one of us is excellent in every aspect of our lives. We are all a work in progress, so attention needs to be paid to developing in the areas we need to improve. When students do this, we will recognize them for their effort.

Keeping this in mind, please find the attached Achievement Lists by Grade Level for the following accomplishments:
  • Platinum List - 4.0 GPA or higher
  • Gold List - 3.6 GPA to 3.99 GPA
  • Silver List - 3.0 GPA to 3.59 GPA
  • Improvement List - Improvement of 0.3 GPA points from the Final Semester 1 Report Card and the First Semester 2 Progress Report Card.
We're incredibly proud of all the students recognized on these lists and look forward to the rest of the Birmingham student body earning recognition during the next two grading periods. 

Dream It. Do it. Birmingham!