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Job Search


How do I search for a job?


Utilize a variety of search methods. The more jobs you apply to the better your chances of getting hired.


  • Complete an online search:


Key words to search for: part-time, entry level






  • Network to meet & communicate with people


Create a LinkedIn account to find business and professionals to talk to.

                        * (you must be 16+older to make an account)


Talk to all your contacts (friends, family, acquaintances) and let them know you are looking for work. They may know someone that is hiring.


  • Make in-person visits and phone calls


Call businesses near you to see if they are hiring and what you need to do to apply.


Walk-in to businesses to see if they are hiring (be prepared for on the spot interviews if they need a position filled right away).


job search


I’ve found a job I want to apply to, now what do I do?


STEP 1             Create a Resume


  •    Use one of the google docs resume templates to help you get started: RESUME TEMPLATE



  •    Having a resume is not required for all job applications but it is highly recommended and                                         makes you more competitive!


  •    Attach your resume to your online job application, in an email to the employer or bring a printed copy with               you into the business


STEP 2             Fill out the job application


  •  Be sure to fill in all sections and if it doesn’t apply to you then write “not applicable” or “none” Ex:  write “none” under Work History/Previous Employers.
  • The more days/hours you are available to work the more likely you will get hired. If you say you can work nights, weekends and holidays on your application then make sure you can actually do it once you’re hired.
  • Many applications ask for references. Find 3 adults (not family) that can vouch for you and your work ethics: teachers, counselors, coaches, leaders, etc. Make sure you have their current contact info and ask permission to use them as a reference


STEP 3             Follow up with the employer


  • Call the employer within 1-2 weeks after you apply to check the status of the position and let them know you are still interested.



“I just got a job and I’m under 18 years old, how do I get a work permit?”


                                    HOW TO GET A WORK PERMIT


STEP 1: Student must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA (All grades of C or

                   higher) to qualify for work permit.


STEP 2: Download B1-1 Application for work permit.

*Click B1-1 Application link and download and print out or pick up a printed copy

                     from school security at the gate


STEP 3: Fill out the application and have your parent and employer sign it.

*No digital signatures/scanning


STEP 4: Return the B1-1Application filled out and signed back to school.  

                    Drop-in, no appointment necessary.


                               To:               Ms. Suzie Orosel

                               Where:        BCCHS Library

                               When:         Tuesday or Thursday

                               Time:           Between 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM


STEP 5: Ms. Suzie Orosel will print your work permit.

*Student must be present to sign the work permit



                                 MORE QUESTIONS:

                   Contact - Suzie Orosel


Job Interview


I got a job interview. How do I prepare?



STEP 1             Research the company & position


  •     The more you know about a company and the position you’re applying for the more prepared you’ll be to answer interview questions & ask the interviewer follow up questions



STEP 2             Review common interview questions


  •    Look at some sample interview questions here and rehearse how you would answer them in a real job interview. Role-play or share your responses with an adult to get feedback.



STEP 3             Plan your appearance


  • Make sure you are clean, groomed, and your outfit is appropriate for the work setting you are interviewing at. For tips on your appearance check this out.


 STEP 4            FOLLOW UP


  •        Always follow up with the employer by sending them a note, email or phone call after the interview. Thank them for the opportunity to be considered for the position.



*Check out this link to my Interview Skills workshop with more helpful tips.



Please contact Mrs. Zook if you would like one on one assistance such as help with job searches, resumes and mock interviews: