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Earning College Units in High School



BCCHS currently has 13 articulation agreements between local community colleges.


If a student is enrolled in a high school class with an articulation agreement the student MAY be eligible to receive community college units at the completion of the course if he/she completes all requirements.


These are FREE college units that students can earn by doing well in their high school course. Most units are transferable to the UC/CSU’s and either meet general education, major, or certificate requirements.




Each semester BCCHS partners with local community colleges to offer students the opportunity to take college classes. There are many benefits to students to take college classes while in high school including:


  •        Boost your high school GPA
  •        Get a head start on college units
  •        Course and book/materials are FREE
  •        Get support from the high school and the CC while taking classes
  •        Earn units for general education, major or certificate requirements 

For a list of college classes available each semester check out the Career Center homepage.


*Students should maintain above a 2.5 GPA to take college classes