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Social Studies Teacher
Small Learning Community: Creative & Liberal Studies

I was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I graduated from Grant High School in 1999 and then went on to spend four wonderful years at UCLA. After taking various different courses, including several pre-med requirements, ceramics, drawing, Italian, theater, business, etc., etc., I decided to major in the field that I had always found super interesting and intriguing -- Psychology. 

In 2003, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. About a year-and-a-half later, I decided to become a teacher and began completing my coursework to earn my credential. In 2006, I started teaching at Mulholland Middle School. I taught 6th grade English and history for 5 years before making the switch to teach social studies at BCCHS in 2011. 

Many of you probably know my amazing husband, Mr. Wydra, who teaches English at BCCHS, and you will surely get to know our two adorable kids because I tend to talk about them... a lot. ;-)

I hope that you enjoy taking my class (AP Psychology or Sociology) as much as I enjoy teaching it!