Staff Kudos

From: Hayley Rubinger
To: Chantal Henneman & Michele Wydra 

Big kudos to Chantal Henneman and Michele Wydra.  I feel so lucky during this quarantine time period to be able to collaborate with two colleagues that are so dedicated in creating memorable events for the Class of 2020.  The Senior Parade and Virtual Graduation is something that I will look back on, and remember how much I enjoyed the planning process and shared laughter and emotion that came with it.  


To: Organizers of  Classified Lunch
From:Campus Aids 
 Please send kudos to all that made the classified employees lunch possible a big thank you and a big shout-out from Campus Aid Department.
Thank you very much!
To:  Stephanie Hammerman 
From: Group

WE would like to send kudos to Ms. Hammerman.

Ms. Hammerman, your endless dedication to our students and the staff is greatly appreciated. Working with you is an exciting experience, your resource abilities are countless. You enhanced our virtual learning/teaching experience by inviting fascinating guest speakers; Mobile Science, Therapy Dogs, the Holocaust survivor and our APE teacher Coach Mario.

Ms. Hammerman you are an innovating, resourceful teacher and on top of it, you are always positive.

Thank you!!

Joy Mills

Haloula Molina

Erik Cruz

Jill Bromberg 

Alex Lindsey

Kiera Foley

Daryl Gist

Teresa Palmer


To: Ari Bennett 
From: SPED Department 

Mr. Bennett,

We thank you for your leadership on this new pathway to reach our student’s academic and personal success. You’ve shown professionalism, compassion, understanding and love for the Birmingham community, and we welcome that with open hearts and minds.

Thank you for your daily business, gratitude and the levity corner updates .

We appreciate you.


To: Math Department 
From: Counselors 

We would like to acknowledge their hard work in helping students through both their regular Math classes and credit recovery classes.  We would also like to thank them for their positivity and encouragement towards our students during this difficult time.  Many students have found their words inspiring and helpful.  We appreciate you, Math teachers!!!


To: Hilario Perez 
From Elena Lopez 

Quiero hacer llegar mi agradecimiento y reconocimiento a dos personas Carlos e Hilario Pérez. 

Carlos: gracias por mantener mi salón siempre limpio, por ser amable y por tu sentido del humor.  Tu trabajo no es fácil y siempre te he visto haciéndolo con gusto.

Señor Pérez: Primeramente le felicito por ser una persona honesta. Cuando se encontró algo de valor que tire con gusto me lo regresó. Gracias también por su amabilidad y por mantener limpio en salón de mi pasillo. 


To: Debby Epstein and Lynn Ben-Chetrit
From: Ms. Kono 

Just thinking about how much I'm going to be missing Debby Epstein and Lynn Ben-Chetrit. Thank you ladies for being so much fun to work with! As much as I'm excited for your retirement after this school year, and how much time you will get to do your personal artwork, I will really miss you both! You have engaged students and developed your programs to bring the visual arts alive at BCCHS. Thank you for inspiring students and teachers at our school. Wishing you all the best in the years ahead.



To: Hayley Rubinger 
From: Ellanee Wilson 

I wanted to give a shout out to Hayley Rubinger for still working hard to keep student morale up during this difficult time.



From: Norah Rosendo
To: Ms. Elizabeth Lopez and Ms. Johana Martinez 

I would like to send Kudos to Ms. Elizabeth Lopez and Ms. Johana Martinez.  They are amazing educators.  They provide translation, tutoring, and creative ideas to BCCHS' English Learners.  I am so lucky to have them in my classroom.  Thank you for all you do!



To:  Dino Dinelli 
From: Vito Saracino

Shout out to my man, Dino Dinielli! He is a phenomenal grade level lead who is exceptionally creative and makes high school enjoyable for all of our students. He is volunteering to MC the senior sign pickup this Saturday (social distancing?). Lastly, he’s got my back no matter what! Shake 'N Bake buddy!



To: CBI behaviorists
From: Stephanie Hammerman 

I would like to send kudos to the following CBI behaviorists:


  • Teresa Palmer
  • Erik Cruz
  • Jill Bromberg
  • Kiera Foley
  • Joy Mills
  • Haroula Molina
  • Daryl Gist


They have a true heart for our students and help foster a community of growth.  Thank you for making this distance learning adventure enjoyable.  


Love Stephanie Hammerman



To: Ricky Kelly
From: James Cota 

Just a quick acknowledgement of Security guard Ricky Kelly. He has consistently communicated  problems within the campus.

This last week reported a downed tree off of Haynes and last night, a large pool water leak flooding out into the East Victory lot.

His reporting /communication with me allows me time to react to the issues to get them resolved quickly. 



To: Vic Chalabian 
From Hannah Sellers 

I would like to thank Vic for the hours he spent helping me remotely fix my computer! Thank you so much!



From: Michele and Brendan Wydra 
To: Classified Staff, Instructional Coaches, Counselors, and other Support Staff

Kudos from Michele and Brendan Wydra to our classified staff, instructional coaches, counselors, and other support staff who are following up with students who appear disengaged. Thank you all for the hard work you are doing to help our students thrive, emotionally and academically.



From Michele Wydra: 
To: Hayley Rubinger


Kudos from Michele Wydra to Hayley Rubinger for keeping the students engaged and informed through social media during these trying times.  It's a ton of work for one person to do, especially when you factor in tending to her classes and caring for her adorable baby at home.  You are awesome, Hayley!



To: Brendan Wydra 
From: Michele Wydra 

Kudos from Michele Wydra to Brendan Wydra for holding it down as Department Chair, Daddy Extraordinaire, and Hubby of the Millennium .  You wear many hats, and you wear them well.  I love you... ❤



To: Ruby Flinn

From: Sandy Harwin


A HUGE KUDOS to reaching out to all your students in danger of failing. Also, a Gigantic Kudos for responding so quickly to ALL my emails regarding my Seniors. Thank you for all you do! 




To: Math Department

From: Hannah Sellers 


I would like to thank all the teachers in my department for their hard work and dedication! Please know that the endless hours you are putting in for our students are recognized and appreciated! Thank you!


From: Math Department

To: Support Staff


The Math Department would like to thank all of the support staff that made calls to students and parents for us! Thank you for the support to the department and for supporting our students! We appreciate you!



From: Judith Hinojosa-Riusech 

Ms. O’Neale for the constant communication with students, families and counselors regarding students’ progress including what is missing and if they are a percentage from improving their grade!!! Ms. O’Neale does an incredible job of keeping her emails encouraging and thereby helping motivate students to push themselves to strive for a higher grade!


Ms. Kono for taking the time to send out emails of congratulations to students and encouragement for the efforts students have put forth to raise their grades.  


Mr. Turner for taking the time to send emails to encourage students to raise their grades and giving them the opportunity to do so.


Mr. Hwang for being so sensitive and responsive to the materials that students are writing during this time and for reaching out to counselors to make sure kids are taken care of and supported.


Ms. Thomasy for being a champion for kids and not only taking on her English students and the grades they get in her class but for being concerned for their overall well-being. She continues to be their champion by advocating for them and encouraging them to keep pushing forward.


Mrs. Palacios for all the time and energy she puts into supporting our SAS students especially during this time. Her positive attitude and diligence makes a big difference and the counseling team truly appreciates her!


Counselors and Mr. Alatorre for their dedication and commitment to supporting not only our students and their families but also staff. I’m thankful for their experience, constant collaboration, and support.


Math department in general wow!!! You have really hit the ball out of the park. The amount of support that you have been providing our students, has not gone unnoticed. You have been out of the box thinkers, super flexible and many steps ahead trying to figure out how to better support our kids. We are so grateful to you because your efforts are paying off. It is so amazing to hear from kids that math is not the class they are worried about improving! Keep on doing what you’re doing because it is working!


Support Staff thank you for all the day-to-day support your giving our families and staff. We could not function as a school without you!!!


To our Tech Support Staff thank you, for all that you’re doing to support staff and students. We could not function without you!!



To: Lia O'Neal

From: Katherine Collins 

I would like to give kudos to Lia O'Neale. Lia and I have a common student. This student went to Saugus High School last year, so when the shooting happened in November, she was understandably a mess. Lia was not only there for this student herself, she took the time to call the PSW and get the student the help she needed.

Yesterday evening, this student and I were emailing back and forth as I was helping her finish an assignment. At the end of the email chain, the student sent the following email (see below):

"Awh ! DON'T CRY MS. COLLINS !! because then I am GOING TO CRY lol. In all seriousness, from the bottom of my heart when I was going through a rough time you and Ms. O'Neale was able to get me the help I needed, I just had no guidance. You both care for us kids like we are your own... I can go on and on about how much of what you two did meant to me. Just know, it changed my perspective on life. FOR THE BETTER ! have yourself a wonderful night and I promise to check in every once in a while".

I honestly don t know how I am getting partial credit for this situation. All I did was check in with the student when I saw her the next day, give her unlimited latitude to do whatever she needed to do, and express my concern to Lia. Lia, who shared my concern, was the one who made sure the student got the help she needed, not me. As you can see from the email below, it was that call and being able to meet with the PSW that really meant something to her and "changed my perspective on life."

Because of Lia's conscientiousness and genuine care for this student, I believe she deserves kudos. 


From: Jessica 
To: Everyone Attending IEP Exits and Ms. Angelini 
  • A big shout out to everyone who is available to participate in last minute Exit IEP meetings for our seniors! We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate you. Thank you for your continued flexibility and support for our SPED students.
  • Thank you to Ms. Angelini who is always available to help out in any way necessary and is the most reliable person I know. You make a huge difference in student's lives!
To: Cindy Walker 
From: Paraprofessionals

Mrs.Walker, you are a one of a kind and the best boss we could ask for!Thank you for always having time for each of us, not only for a professional chat, but also personal.Your understanding, easy going attitude and professionalism is off the charts.Thank you for guiding us with ease through this brand new path ... we appreciate everything you do.