I am credentialed in Art and have a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art: Photography and Digital Imaging.
Digital Media and Photography courses provide the opportunity to develop skills in digital photography, art and video in technical, business, creative, critical thinking, writing and aesthetic judgment areas. The impact and integration of media in society and current events will be explored and developed. Students will learn about careers and related business applications in the fields of digital media, will explore the significance of media within the larger context of commercial, advertising and artistic realms, and learn about the critical and varied applications it has to the modern working world. Photo imaging techniques will be emphasized and artistic experimentation is encouraged. Additionally, through integrated historical and academic perspectives, students will understand the elements of art and principles of design and apply them to their artwork and projects. Students will develop knowledge and skills to use computers effectively, design documents, presentations, images, games and films that will enhance their work at school and future careers.
My classroom, the Media Studio  (Room MS) is host to the Photography Club on campus, which meets every Tuesday at lunch.