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Birmingham Wrestling Mission Statement

The Birmingham Wrestling team provides an opportunity for students to fully develop the values on which this Birmingham Community Charter high School rests: the advancement of knowledge to the highest potential. The purpose of the wrestling family is to develop a unit that transcends the walls of this School, to provide the necessary tools for the pursuit of individual and team goals, and to recognize this activity from a larger community perspective. Birmingham Wrestling strives to be more than a team. Rather, the focus is to be a home away from home. The family is critical in providing encouragement, understanding, and personal growth during the students four years at Birmingham. The Birmingham Wrestler gains satisfaction from knowing that he/she did his best to become the best that he/she is capable of becoming.

Within the realm of diverse individual goals, our common mission shall be advanced through desire, discipline, and determination. Our program recognizes these virtues to be essential in the mental and physical development of its members and their roles as Birmingham wrestlers, students, and more importantly as life's citizens of this world. Leadership development is of utmost importance as one navigates through his years here on campus.

Through these means, Birmingham wrestling strives to paint its masterpiece on a larger canvas. A graduate of this program will acquire the appropriate tools to navigate through the often sharp curves of life. The acquisition of perspective is the inevitable outcome of the journey, made up of blood, sweat, and tears.

Entering for the love of wrestling, one will leave with an appreciation and preparation for life.