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Community Schools Initiative


In partnership with the California Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP), Birmingham Community Charter High School aims to support students using the CCSPP "whole-child" school improvement strategy. This strategy mitigates the academic and social impacts that affect our local communities to improve school responsiveness to student and family needs, by organizing school and community resources to address barriers to learning.

As a Community School, Birmingham strives to be more than a center of education; we strive to be the new heart of our community and help create better conditions for teaching and learning. We aim to provide services to students, families, and community members that best serve their needs, while at the same time promoting stable, healthy neighborhoods. 

By partnering with community agencies and local government to align community resources to improve student outcomes, community schools include four evidence-informed programmatic pillars aligned and integrated into high-quality, rigorous teaching, learning practices, and environments.


Four Pillars