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Community Schools Advisory Council

The Community School Advisory Council is a collaborative group made up of diverse stakeholders. They are organized and convened by the Community School Coordinator and are tasked to oversee the transition from a traditional school to a Community School. 

The council works together on an ongoing basis to review data and ensure that programs and services offered at the Community School are effectively supporting student and family development and thus, supporting its continual improvement and sustainability.


  1. Identify all the resources that we currently use
  2. Identify student needs
  3. Identify gaps in the resources currently provided
  4. Assess the effectiveness of services and current interventions/ partnerships

Meeting Information (Spring 2024)


  • Fri Jan 19
  • Fri February 16
  • Fri March 15 -> Moved to March 22
  • Fri April 19
  • Fri May 17

Time: 12:21 pm - 1:49 pm
Location: C - 84

CS Council Flyer

First page of the PDF file: CSCouncilFlyer

Want to join? 

Contact our Community Schools Coordinator.

Michelle Rivas


Phone: (818)758-4411